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When Lesley Hanson had her vision of a haven for families affected by #autism, Alan and Barbara were ready to roll up their sleeves and help her make Daisy Chain a reality... daisychainproject.co.uk/15-years-of-da… #charity #15yearsofDaisyChain #Teesside pic.twitter.com/4oVG918bDk Retweeted by UNW LLP

In the latest of our series of exclusive client interviews, we chat to @SarahStewartNGI to discuss her career, the upcoming Great Exhibition of the North and the challenges and opportunities currently facing the #NorthEast @NGinitiative @getnorth2018 ow.ly/bkpP30k7oXI pic.twitter.com/8swqOTdiaT Retweeted by UNW LLP


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HMRC launches open consultation on off-payroll working in the private sector

HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) has launched an open consultation as it seeks the best route to combat non-compliance with