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Speaking at our next charity group briefing is Dave Carter, special adviser to the UK’s Fraud Advisory Panel, who will discuss emerging threats to the sector and the red flags to look out for. Find out more about this event at the link below: ow.ly/5Aid30mE1E2 pic.twitter.com/n49eCWUqnH

Congratulations to all those listed in the North East's Top 200 companies for 2018. Great to see so many UNW clients make the list this year. (We're confident we're already acting for a number of future entrants too!) chroniclelive.co.uk/business/busin… pic.twitter.com/9qx7A7MJTt


Troo Troo to disrupt market with energy benchmarking platform after investment boost

Chartered accountancy and business advisory firm UNW has helped a business energy benchmarking specialist source and secure a six-figure investment

Autumn Budget 2018 Summary

With Brexit uncertainties clouding the forecast horizon, Chancellor Philip Hammond made the most of upgraded forecasts of tax receipts from

Boiler Plan Boiler Plan UK’s growth plans heating up after multi-million-pound investment

Chartered accountancy and business advisory firm UNW has helped Boiler Plan UK to source and secure £2.1m of Venture Capital and

Making Tax Digital Making Tax Digital for VAT: Changes to be aware of

Many of you will now be aware of the impending introduction in April 2019 of Making Tax Digital for VAT