1. Submission of CV and Covering Letter
Interested applicants should send their CV along with a covering letter to recruitment@unw.co.uk. Here you should state why you have applied to UNW and what you believe you can offer us. Bear in mind, this is probably the only opportunity you have to impress us, always take your time, be concise and as persuasive as possible.

2. Initial interview and completion of online numerical tests
If your application meets our requirements you will be invited to an initial formal interview with a senior manager or manager. Within this interview you will also be asked to complete a number of online numerical tests.

3. Final stage interview
If you are successful in the initial interview and numerical tests, you will be invited to a final stage interview with one of our partners. Candidates should always treat interviews as a two-way process, and should therefore arrive fully prepared and be inquisitive throughout.

When Lesley Hanson had her vision of a haven for families affected by #autism, Alan and Barbara were ready to roll up their sleeves and help her make Daisy Chain a reality... daisychainproject.co.uk/15-years-of-da… #charity #15yearsofDaisyChain #Teesside pic.twitter.com/4oVG918bDk Retweeted by UNW LLP

In the latest of our series of exclusive client interviews, we chat to @SarahStewartNGI to discuss her career, the upcoming Great Exhibition of the North and the challenges and opportunities currently facing the #NorthEast @NGinitiative @getnorth2018 ow.ly/bkpP30k7oXI pic.twitter.com/8swqOTdiaT Retweeted by UNW LLP


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