13th February 2020

UNW’s latest update on topics of financial interest to all dentists, which includes the results of the NASDAL goodwill survey for the quarter ending 31 October 2019, is now available to view and download.

Click here to download the latest UNW Dental Bulletin

For more information about any of the topics included in this bulletin, please contact Alan Suggett, Dental Business Unit Partner at alansuggett@unw.co.uk or 0191 243 6009; or Liam Richardson, Dental Business Unit Senior Manager at liamrichardson@unw.co.uk or 0191 243 6079.

Paul Callaghan is co-founder and the Chair of The Leighton Group, the North East-based set of software, technology, communication and

The Charity Commission has recently announced updated guidance for charity trustees on when to report incidents involving the charity’s partners

We are delighted to share with you our latest Charity Group Bulletin, available for download via the following link. Click

When FRS 102 – the Financial Reporting Standard applicable in the UK and the Republic of Ireland – was first

With heavily anticipated changes to IR35 tax rules coming into force from 6th April 2020, UNW Employment Taxes partner Lee